Bohan Phoenix (Live)

Bohan Phoenix was born in China’s Hubei province and immigrated to the US at 11, unable to speak a word of English. He fell in love with hip hop and learned the language quickly by rapping along to anything he listened to. Today Bohan is an anomaly in music in both the American and Chinese music scenes; his inclusion of both Mandarin and English lyrics reflect his dual identity and aim to bring the gap between the two cultures he calls home. Amidst a nationwide ban on “hip hop culture” in China combined with an environment where few indie artists thrive, Bohan is redefining what it means to be independent on his own terms. Bohan’s March EP OVERSEAS 海外 includes two tracks produced by Ryan Hemsworth and features MaSiWei of the breakthrough Chinese rap group, Higher Brothers and underground legend, Howie Lee. Coupled with sold out NYC and Shanghai release shows, OVERSEAS captured significant press with premieres via Pigeons & Planes, hip hop radio host Ebro Darden on Beats 1, Highsnobiety, DJBooth plus coverage on Hypebeast, Bluntiq, SinoVision, South China Morning Post and more. The project is Bohan’s most personal yet, and included a one-of-a-kind music video complete with interactive multi-angle experience that merged tech with Bohan’s artistry seamlessly. OVERSEAS dissects Bohan’s experience as a multi-hyphenate, international artist who is building bridges and breaking down boundaries. Bohan took big steps forward as an artist in 2017, partnering with Beats By Dre, teaming up with notable Chinese streetwear companies, and releasing the JALA EP, with videos premiered by The FADER and 88rising, and touring all primary and secondary markets in China on the JALA Tour. JALA catapulted Bohan into recognition in the broader hip-hop community, earning a placement on Spotifyʼs Fresh Finds and Apple Musicʼs Hot Tracks, a spotlight on REVOLT, interviews on Bandcamp Daily, Magnetic Mag, and Boiler Room and then a Fendi performance during New York Fashion Week alongside Migos, 21 Savage and Metro Boomin. Earlier this month, DAZED hailed Bohan as one of four “Chinese Rap Stars About to Go Global,” alongside VaVa and his frequent collaborators; Higher Brothers and Howie Lee.


出⽣在湖北的Bohan Phoenix 11岁移⺠到美国时还不 会讲英语,他很快爱上了Hip Hop这种⾳乐,在说唱中 学会了英语,并且⽆时⽆刻不在rap。今天的Bohan⽆ 论在美国还是中国的⾳乐场景中,都是⼗分独特的存 在。他的歌词在普通话与英⽂之间⾃由切换,反映了 他的双重身份认同与连接两个家乡⽂化的努⼒。在中 国对”嘻哈”⽂化的限制以及独⽴⾳乐⼈艰难⽣存的环境 之下,Bohan⽤⾃⼰的⾏动坚持着他的独⽴个性。 BOHAN PHOENIX 今年三⽉发⾏的《OVERSAEAS海外》EP中我们看到了两⾸来⾃Ryan Hemsworth的制作,以及与超级中 ⽂说唱团体Higher Brothers成员MaSiWei的合作…… 除了纽约、上海双城爆满的⾸发派对之外, 《OVERSEAS》得到了Pigeons & Planes, Ebro on Beats1, Highsnobiety, DJ Booth 等媒体的⾸发,和 Hypebeast, Bluntiq, Sinovision, South China Morning Post的报道。这张EP也许是迄今为⽌最贴近 Bohan内⼼的⼀个项⽬,随之⽽来的是⼀个独特的MV–交互式多⻆度的视觉体验,将最先锋科技与他的 艺术品味结合在⼀起,也将Bohan多⾯⼜国际化的艺术家定位与突破限制、创造连接的意图体现得淋漓极 致。 2017年作为艺术家的Bohan跨出了个⼈的⼀⼤步,除了和Beats By Dre以及诸多中国本⼟街头时尚品牌的 合作,发⾏了《加辣》EP,和由 The FADER、88rising⾸发的MV,并在中国许多⼀线、⼆线城市进⾏了 “加辣”巡演。”加辣”项⽬也让Bohan快速在Hip-Hop群体⾥得到了⼴泛认可,获得Spotify的Fresh Finds与 Apple Music的Hot Tracks等主流⾳乐平台推荐,REVOLT的专题报道, Bandcamp Daily, Magnetic Mag 的采访,登上纽约时装周Fendi x Boiler Room的活动与Migos、21 Savage、Metro Boomin等⼈同 台演出。同年时尚艺术杂志DAZED将Bohan列为”即将在全球名声⼤噪的中国说唱明星”之⼀,同样名列其 中的是VAVA,以及Bohan⻓期合作的伙伴Higher Brothers、Howie Lee。