Dynamic Duo 다이나믹 듀오

Dynamic Duo is a Korean hip-hop duo composed of Choiza and Gaeko. The duo officially debuted as Dynamic Duo in 2004 with their runaway hit album, Taxi Driver. In 2006, they founded what is now one of the hottest labels in Korean hip-hop, Amoeba Culture. Their second full-length album Double Dynamite earned them “Best Hip Hop Album of the Year” at the 2007 Korean Music Awards. Dynamic Duo has released a total of 8 studio-length albums with numerous charted hits. In 2014, they collaborated with legendary American hip-hop producer DJ Premier and in 2017 they were producers on Show Me The Money 6, mentoring junior rappers. They took home “Best Rap/Hip Hop” award at the 2017 Melon Music Awards and “Best Collaboration” at the 2017 Mnet Asian Music Awards with “Nosedive” featuring EXO’s Chen. On February 7, 2018, they released their latest single “Bongjeseon.” From directing, producing and performing, Dynamic Duo are constantly evolving and have become a cultural icon beyond the title of Korea’s best hip-hop duo.

Dynamic Duo是一支韩国著名说唱双人组合,成员分别为Choiza(宰豪)和Gaeko(尹松)。2004年两人发布的第一张专辑《Taxi Driver》成为韩国最畅销的专辑之一。2006年,Dynamic Duo成立了韩国最热门的嘻哈厂牌Amoeba Culture。2007年,第二张完整专辑《Double Dynamite》帮助他们在韩国流行音乐奖(Korean Music Award)上获得了“最佳嘻哈专辑奖”。Dynamic Duo总共发行了8张录音室专辑,其中大量作品荣登热门榜单。2014年,他们与美国传奇嘻哈音乐制作人DJ Premier开始合作。2017年他们作为《Show Me The Money》第六季的制作人导师,在节目上指导新晋嘻哈歌手。在2017年的韩国Melon音乐颁奖典礼上(MMA),二人获得了“最佳嘻哈组合奖”,同年以与EXO组合的CHEN合作单曲《Nosedive》在Mnet亚洲音乐大奖典礼上斩获”最佳合作表演奖“。2018年2月7日,Dynamic Duo发布了他们的最新单曲《Bongjeseon》。从执导,制作到表演,Dynamic Duo一直不断地进化和蜕变,已超越韩国最佳嘻哈二人组的称号,成为当前韩国嘻哈文化的榜样人物。