Erbai 贰佰

Since 2011 when the first single “Who I Pretended to Be Sad with in Taiyuan” was released on the Internet, every song of Erbai has been shared and embraced by countless young people. Initially, “Roses” and “Goddamn Youth” were released on social media gaining major fan appreciation. Erbai’s music built his reputation for invincibility and popularity, bringing back the word “ballad” to its true meaning – it is not a general style of music, but a way of growing and spreading music. His harsh and desolate voice along with the sincere and unpretentious lyrics have added love, youth, and homesickness into his songs, displaying a unique sense of vicissitudes and emotional insight, singing of the beauty lost in youth and the touch of impermanence in life. Those rough but warm, hoarse but calm songs, let the rusty youth unforgettable. In 2017, Erbai signed with Modern Sky and released his debut album Hey, Look Up!, with some songs garnering 10,000+ comments on NetEase Music platform, making it one of the most watched folk records of the year. In March 2018, Wang Feng sang Erbai’s “The Youth of” song in The Singer TV show, furthering Erbai’s already wide public attention.