Se So Neon 새소년

Having developed from an earlier project of singer/guitarist So-Yoon and drummer Gang-To, Se So Neon was formed in early 2016, completing the current 3-piece line-up in September of the same year with bassist Fancy Moon joining the band. They have explored their own brand of lo-fi and vintage sound ever since, with a wide spectrum of musical influences varying from blues, jazz, and psychedelic rock to new wave and synth pop. Their live performances incorporate the enchanting vocals and impassioned guitar playing of So-Yoon, combined with the sophisticated and groovy basslines of Fancy Moon as well as unique drumming of Gang-To, attracting a great amount of attention, which led them to sign to local indie powerhouse BGBG Records. They released their debut single “A Long Dream” in June 2017, quickly followed by the 6-song EP Summer Plumage in October to critical and popular acclaim. Their EP release show at Sangsang Madang Live Hall in November 2017 was an instant sold-out show and included a surprise guest appearance by Hyukoh, an Asian indie sensation and avid supporters of Se So Neon, without prior announcement. Se So Neon took its name from an old Korean children’s magazine of the same name, which So-Yoon accidentally found in a book about 1980s design at a local independent bookstore in Seoul. ‘Se’ stands for both the adjective ‘new’ and the noun ‘bird’, while ‘So Neon’ stands for the noun ‘boy’.