Song Dongye 宋冬野

Song Dongye is a Chinese music producer born in 1987 in Beijing. In 2013, his hit song “Miss Dong” went viral and became one of the hottest singles of the year. In the following August, Song Dongye dropped his full EP An He Qiao Bei. The EP was highly appraised by the Chinese music industry, many of the songs including; “GeZi”, “Lilian” and “Zebra, Zebra” gained huge attention from the public. The album became one of the best sold physical albums in China, and won the first Lu Xun Culture Award, the Chinese Voice Music Media Award, in addition to many other influential awards. Beginning with “An He Qiao Bei”, Chinese contemporary folk music has gradually entered mainstream music, breaking the boundaries between independent music and mainstream pop music. In 2017, Song Dongye launched two new singles, “Guo Yuanchao” and “Kong Gang Qu”, saying goodbye to the unitary folk style and opening up a new profound aesthetic with diverse musical expressions and a different philosophy. Meanwhile, he participates in the creation of music as a producer and has won a Golden Melody award for Best Lyrics.